Oils and lubricants Roloil

Oils and lubricants Roloil is the leading brand in the Automotive, Agriculture and Industrial sectors.

The lubricants with high performance and additives to improve the lubrication characteristics of the product. This makes them highly performing and long lasting. Roloil Industrial lubricants cover, in industrial maintenance, all applications, in vast fields, from turbines, compressors, hydraulic controls, gearboxes and the entire gear and gear handling sector. Products have been developed for specific sectors, from textiles, to steel, to construction and others. The real flagship, however, is the sector of metalworking fluids. The great experience accumulated over the years by Roloil, the continuous contact with the Automotive Bodies have allowed to develop also in the automotive sector, to develop and continuously update the wide range of lubricants for each type of engine of any type of fuel Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Gas, Methane, and also for mechanical transmissions, such as gearboxes, differentials. The Series, dedicated to cars, heavy vehicles and small engines (small marine, gardening, etc.) include synthetic fluids and mineral oils, which meet all the most stringent requirements of the most modern engines and with the latest International and Manufacturers' Specifications. Guaranteeing the best possible quality to the consumer.