List of products by brand Pix

The V-Belt Pix V-belt represents a very high quality product, with exceptional durability, because it is built with the best raw materials available on the market. They are extremely reliable V-belts, available for the most varied uses and are particularly suited to the mechanical industry, the automotive industry, and the agricultural sector.

The V-Belt range of smooth V-belts essentially consists of:

  • V-belts A (Trapezoid measurements 13 x 8)
  • V-belts B (Trapezoid measures 17 x 11)
  • V-belts C (Trapezoid measures 22 x 14)
  • V-belts Z (Trapezoid measures 10 x 6)

These V-belts for motion transmission are used in particular in the mechanical, industrial and agricultural fields

The V-Belt narrow section smooth V-belt range consists of:

  • Narrow V-belts SPA  (Section measurements 12.7 x 10)
  • Narrow V-belts SPB (Section measurements 16.3 x 13)
  • Narrow V-Belts SPC (Section Measurements 22 x 18)
  • Narrow V-belts SPZ (Section measurements 9.7 x 8)

The V-Belt range of toothed V-belts consists of:

  • XPA toothed V-belts
  • XPB toothed V-belts
  • XPC toothed V-belts
  • XPZ toothed V-belts

The most common applications are: Compressors, Industrial Fans, Textile Machines, Woodworking Machines, Earth Moving Machines, Mills and Mixers

The range of belts for automobiles, automotive sector consists of:

  • V-belt AVX10
  • V-belt AVX13

The application and use of these belts will allow you to mount a reliable and long-lasting replacement.