Teflon-coated glass fiber tape + Ptfe (30 x 0.1) m thickness 0.115mm with adhesive

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Width (mm)100
MaterialFiberglass fabric + Ptfe
Thickness (MM)0.115
Operating temperature (° C)280
Intermittent temperature (° C)300 (short periods)
WeightGr/m2 255

The fiberglass + ptfe fabric is a product of great versatility and durability, designed specifically for environments that require particular resistance to chemical agents and extreme temperatures. · The glass + ptfe combines in a single product the superficial characteristics of the ptfe and the resistance, sturdiness, dimensional stability of the fiberglass fabric underlayer. The ptfe coating guarantees excellent lubricating properties combined with a low friction coefficient. · The product is substantially inert to any type of chemical substance and solvent. · The product can also be supplied with PTFE graphite powder loading in a conductive version for processes where the creation of electrostatic charges is to be avoided. · Adhesive version with silicone-based adhesive.