Welding inverter Telwin Technomig 210 Dual Synergic 230 V cod. 816055



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Complete with MIG-MAG torch, cable and mass clamp

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EAN Code8004897219523
Maximum Absorbed Current32 A
Manufacturer Code816055
Single-phase Network Voltage230 V
Network Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Current adjustment range20 - 220 A
Max DC current (EN 60974-1)180 @ 20% A
DC current100 A
Open circuit voltage Max78 V
Absorbed Current 60% - Max15 A
Absorbed Power Max5 Kw
Power Absorbed 60%2,2 kW
Degree Of ProtectionIP23
Dimensions46 x 24 x 36 CM
Power Factor (Cosphi)0,7
D. Steel Welding Wire0,6 - 1 MM
D. Stainless steel welding wire0,8 - 1 MM
D. Aluminum Welding Wire0,8 - 1 MM
D. Animated Welding Wire0,8 - 1,2 MM
D. Brazing wire0,8 - 1 MM
Weight13,015 kg

The Technomig 210 Dual Synergic is a light machine, if we consider its features and technical specifications. An example? Welding wire diameter in steel, aluminum and stainless steel 1mm. It is a powerful, synergic machine, equipped with advanced technology, created by a leading company in the sector.
The Telwin Technomig 210 is particularly suitable also for the braze welding of galvanized sheets.
The automatic control of the welding arc, instant by instant, makes the process decidedly simple and efficient, guaranteeing precision, optimization of performance and consumption.
17 different welding processes (technically synergic curves) are already set and set and there is a provision for no gas welding (flux).
If you are still not convinced, you just have to try it!

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