Telwin Infinity 170 MMA and TIG DC electrode inverter welding machine
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Telwin Infinity 170 MMA and TIG DC electrode inverter welding machine

Telwin Infinity 170 MMA and TIG DC electrode inverter welding machine

Telwin 816124

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Telwin Infinity 170 MMA and TIG DC electrode inverter welding machine

The Inverter Telwin Infinity 170 welding machine is a direct current (DC) MMA and TIG electrode welding machine. This welding machine is compact and easy to handle thanks to its low weight of only 4 kg and small dimensions. It is easily transportable thanks to the adjustable belt that allows it to be carried on the shoulder. It can be connected to the common single-phase domestic network with a 3 kW meter, or to a generator of at least 7 kW. Its performance is high and guaranteed by 150 amps of maximum current. The internal electronics guarantee the stability of the welding current even in the event of a variation in the electrical voltage.

Telwin Elements and fields of use

The Infinity 170 MMA and TIG is part of the Elements family, the white line expressly produced by Telwin to meet the needs of the most demanding hobbyist who wants to use a quality product, with the right price ratio, of a 100% product Made in Italy, and that can allow you to use the welding machine with professionalism and long duration over time, for all those most common fields of use, where it is possible to electrode welding. It will no longer be a problem to weld the iron gate of the house, work in the house in the country, restore an iron frame of an entrance door or use it in a small mechanical workshop. If we are looking for a versatile, compact and light but at the same time high performance welding machine, which can be used with all types of material, which can allow us to work with all types of electrodes and which can also be equipped for TIG welding in direct current (DC) and scratch striking; the Telwin Infinity 170 inverter welder is the one for us.

The main technical characteristics of the welding machine are:

  • Thermostatic protection
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Use with motogenerator (+/- 15%)
  • Current 150 Ampere
  • Weight 4 kg
  • Maximum portability
  • Use of electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 to 4 mm

How the Telwin Infinity 170 inverter welding machine works

The modern and reliable inverter technology makes it possible to abolish the old and very heavy transformers that made electrode welding machines difficult to transport. Furthermore, this makes the welding machine even more economical in terms of current consumption, equally guaranteeing maximum performance. The Infinity 170 with the sophisticated on-board electronics will make its use easy and intuitive allowing to obtain a result of the highest quality even for the less experienced, thanks to the implementation of the hot start, antistick and arc force devices. The Telwin Infinity 170 welding machine is at the top of its category. 100% Made in Italy product among the best for your hobbies and DIY.

The Telwin brand distributed by Samma Parts and the after-sales guarantee

We also remind you that all the welding machines come with a 24-month warranty, they are all 100% Made in Italy and we are able to offer a first-rate technical and after-sales service, boasting a direct relationship with the house. mother and also being able to offer on-site support within our specialized mechanical workshop.

Data sheet
EAN Code
Maximum Absorbed Current
28 A
Manufacturer Code
Single-phase Network Voltage
230 V
Network Frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Current adjustment range
20 - 150 A
Max current
140 A - 25 %
Current 60%
80 A
Open circuit voltage Max
75 V
Absorbed Current 60% - Max
14 A
Absorbed Power Max
4,5 kW
Power Absorbed 60%
2 kW
D. Electrodes Usable In Dc
1,6 - 4 MM
Degree Of Protection
35,5 x 14,5 x 24 CM
Power Factor (Cosphi)
4,94 kg
2 years
Employment level
Type of welding
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