ROLOIL Super Synthetic 10W40 Motor Oil For Petrol Diesel Engines
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ROLOIL Super Synthetic 10W40 Motor Oil For Petrol Diesel Engines

Synthetic based 4-stroke engine oil, 10W40 multigrade

Suitable for petrol, diesel, LPG powered engines

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High quality synthetic-based lubricating engine oil for 4-stroke combustion engines, both aspirated and turbocharged, fueled by petrol, diesel, diesel, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

Fields of use:

  • Lubrication of internal combustion engines
  • Gradation 10w40 (Multigrade)

Builders specifications:

  • API SL / CF
  • ACEA A3 / B4
  • MB 229.1
  • VW 505.00
  • VW 501.01

Thanks to the special selected and balanced additives and the synthetic base allow to place the SuperSynt 10w40 at the top of quality, giving it properties of absolute reliability and guarantee superior lubricating power, which ensures a homogeneous and persistent oil film on the moving parts. High anti-wear characteristics, thanks to the advanced technology of the additives used, which allow a longer useful life of the engine. Maximum engine cleanliness, due to particular detergent components that prevent the formation of sludge, lacquers and deposits in the various points of the circuit. Safe starting of the engine even in the presence of low temperatures guaranteed by the gradation values. Extremely low lubricant consumption, as a consequence of the minimal volatility of the synthetic base. Excellent antioxidant properties, for a longer useful life of the oil. It guarantees long oil change intervals and superior antioxidant characteristics even in very severe operating conditions.

Roloil is the leading Italian brand in the production of high performance and long lasting lubricants. By purchasing Supersynthetic Motor Oil you will guarantee yourself a product with excellent performance.

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Super Synthetic Engine Oil
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