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IP Antifreeze Red is an antifreeze based on ethylene glycol free from silicates, boron, amines, nitrites and phosphates, expressly designed for prolonged change intervals. PROPERTIES AND PERFORMANCE IP Antifreeze Red is one of the most modern antifreeze protective fluids available on the market. It guarantees long-term protection against corrosion of metals (cast iron, aluminum, copper and welding alloys) and good compatibility with seals and non-metallic components present in the circuit. IP Antifreeze Red ensures its performance for the following distances: 650,000 km for trucks and buses, 250,000 km for cars. IP Antifreeze Red must not be mixed with antifreeze fluids of different formulations.
SPECIFICATIONS AND APPROVALS VW774D / F AND G12 / G12 + / AUDI / SEAT / SKODA TL 774 D / F (G 12); MB 325.3; SCANIA TI 02-98 0813 T / B /; PORSCHE; MAN 324 type SNF; MTU MTL 5048; ASTM D 3306 / D4656 / D4985; OPEL; RENAULT, FORD