Transmission and differential oil Q8 Roloil VARIAX 80W90 (5 Lt)



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Oil for gearboxes and differentials Roloil MULTIVARIAX 80W90. 5 lt can

The company

Roloil, a leading Italian company in the lubricants segment, was acquired in 1988 by Q8 Petroleum S.p.A.


The VARIAX-EP are formulated with paraffinic mineral oils and specifically selected additives for the lubrication of heavily loaded gears and hypoid groups.

These oils largely meet the API GL / 5 and MIL-L-2105D specifications required by the most severe application requirements. The VARIAX-EP series lubricants are therefore intended for the lubrication of transmissions, differentials, steering boxes and power take-offs.

Properties and specifications

The VARIAX-EP are characterized by: Excellent EP characteristics, which allow to lubricate the contact surfaces even in particularly critical conditions.

Strong resistance to oxidation, thanks to additives that counteract the phenomena of oil aging.
Valid rust protection provided by specific components, to prevent the corrosive action caused on metals by moisture and condensation.
Good anti-foaming power which guarantees the absence of stable foams that can form due to heavy shaking.
Excellent cold smoothness for effective behavior even at low temperatures.


80W90 85W140
Density at 20 ° C Kg / m3 897 909
Viscosity at 40 ° C cSt 150 340
Freezing ° C -28 -15
Color Visual bruno
Appearance Visual clear limpid
The reported technical data are average indicative and do not represent specification 6 / S

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