New Inverter taglio al plasma aria compressa Telwin Infinity Plasma 40 cod. 816145

Inverter plasma cutting compressed air Telwin Infinity Plasma 40 cod. 816145



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Maximum Absorbed Current29 A
Manufacturer Code816145
Single-phase Network Voltage230 V
Network Frequency50 / 60 Hz
Current adjustment range10 - 40 A
Max current40 @ 20 % A
Open circuit voltage Max313 V
Absorbed Power Max4 kW
Mains fuse16 A
Degree Of ProtectionIP23
Dimensions55 x 14,5 x 24 CM
Power Factor (Cosphi)0,7
Weight16,4 kg

In the world of plasma cutting there is really a good news: Telwin's Infinity Plasma 40.
The contact striking of the pilot arc allows the rapid cutting of multiple conductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, brass.

It is the best-selling machine on the web in 2020 and I am sure you will want to find out why!

Here are the main features:
reduced weight and dimensions;
signal presence of torch voltage, protections;
automatic cooling of the torch;
consumable change signal;
air pressure display;
thermostatic, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent protections.
Complete with flashlight.

Cut thickness: 15mm; Compressed air flow: 100 liters / min .; Compressed air pressure: 4-5 bar.