AR14792 Annovi Reverberi ARBC 4.0 Twin Flow Dualtech System pressure washer

Annovi Reverberi


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Max pressure (bar)150
Max pressure (psi)2175
Max flow rate (l / h)810
Max flow rate (gph)214
Power (Kw)2.5
Power supply (Hz)50
Power supply (V)230
Unit dimensions (mm) LxWxH387x388x895
Weight (Kg)14

You could write a book on this Twin Flow, Annovi Reverberi pressure washer, the 4.0 DTS.

Let's start right from the end: DTS, or the Dualtech System, which allows us to use 2 power units, as we can also see from the image that represents this function. So we can select fast cleaning which can use a double jet of water, thus improving efficiency by 50%.

With a single power unit we can carry out lighter jobs and save water, for example when we want to clean our car or our fence.

Another very important system of the Twin Flow 4.0 is the twin nozzle, that is a double nozzle, which considerably reduces the cleaning time, even by 70%.

The endowment of 4.0 is truly complete:
-Hose reel for hose storage with retractable crank
-High pressure hose (8 m)
-Telescopic handle
-High pressure foaming kit (600 ml)
-Integrated pocket for rotating nozzle
-Rubber wheels (Ø 20 cm)
- Inspectable water inlet filter
-Electric cable (5 m)
-Axial piston pumps (2)
-Aluminium head and stainless steel pistons
- Total stop system of the remote pressure washer (TSS).

It is a machine designed to be powerful, fast, modern, a real novelty in the sector, a winning patent and a model that for many years will be truly innovative.