Annovi Reverberi AR 473 BLUE CLEAN pressure washer (2000 W, 160 bar, 480 l / h)

Annovi Reverberi


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101,09 €

Max pressure (bar)160
Max pressure (psi)2320
Max flow rate (l / h)480
Max flow rate (gph)127
Power (Kw)2
Power supply (Hz)50
Power supply (V)230
Unit dimensions (mm) LxWxH320x490x580
Weight (Kg)8.7

We have chosen to enrich our pressure washer offer with the Annovi & Reverberi AR473, a machine that combines the customer's ability to make a small investment at a hobbyist price with features, innovations and features that make it a semi professional!

Let's start with an important feature: its lightness (only 8.7 kg) which greatly facilitates every operation, even for those who must always respect tight times and manage to clean in different places and in a short time.

The AR473 is therefore a cold water pressure washer, wheeled, with monophasic operation, vertical development and comfortable wheels for movement.

With its pump (Annovi Reverberi) with 3 axial pistons in tempered stainless steel, the AR473 achieves a flow rate of 8 liters per minute.

Shipping weight: 12 kg, high pressure hose 8 meters and detergent tank included.

ar375 annovi reverberi



With the AR473 Blue Clean pressure washer, together with the AP hose, you will receive the following accessories, included in the price!


ar 375 annovi reverberi
Lance with adjustable jet head
ar 375 annovi reverberi
Lance with rotating jet head
Brush large surfaces
ar 375 annovi reverberi
Brush large surfaces


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