Ptfe glass fiber non stick adhesive tape
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Ptfe glass fiber non stick adhesive tape

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Ptfe glass fiber non-stick adhesive tape

The glass fiber fabric with ptfe is a product of great versatility and durability, specially designed for environments that require particular resistance to chemical agents and extreme temperatures. The glass with ptfe combines in a single product the surface characteristics of the ptfe and the resistance, sturdiness, dimensional stability of the fiberglass woven substrate.

The PTFE coating guarantees excellent lubricating properties combined with a very low friction coefficient. The product is substantially inert to any type of chemical substance and solvent.

Ptfe and fiberglass non-stick adhesive tape

Self-adhesive version with silicone-based double-sided tape that allows it to be easily applied even to metal surfaces

The measures of the product are as follows:

  • Reel length: 30 meters
  • Reel width: 10cm

Fields of use of the non stick and anti-friction glass fiber tape

  • Mechanics
  • Hydraulics
  • Painting

Non stick adhesive tapes include products with a very high density polyethylene, polyamide or polytetrafluoroethylene backing, with glass fiber reinforcement. Non stick adhesive tapes are used to protect surfaces in relative motion, such as transport rollers, metal items subjected to industrial manufacturing processes, plastic and metal components subjected to wear by rubbing due to vibrations. a material with a very low coefficient of friction. High density polyethylene films, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and polyimides, such as kapton, belong to this category. It is a special family of non-stick tapes with a reinforced backing in glass fiber fabric. These products are very resistant to mechanical stress and are used in the most severe situations.

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Width (mm)
Fiberglass fabric + Ptfe
Thickness (MM)
Operating temperature (° C)
Intermittent temperature (° C)
300 (short periods)
Gr/m2 255
Lunghezza totale