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V Belt SPZ 1162 Smooth Mechanical Transmission Pix 9.7x8x1162 mm

V Belt SPZ 1162 smooth mechanical transmission Pix 9.7x8x1162 mm narrow and resistant, these belts are much stronger than the common belts you can find on the trade market.

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V Belt SPZ 1162 Smooth Mechanical Transmission Pix 9.7x8x1162 mm.

The Narrow SPZ 1162 drive belt is carefully manufactured on industrial machines with a compressed rubber (neopropene) blend that guarantees high performance and durability compared to commercially available belts.
The SPZ 1162 Narrow belt offers increased flexibility and is made from high tenacity, low elongation polyester cords.

  • IAFT quality certified strap.
  • Neoprene rubber material.
  • Section 9.7x8 (height and thickness).
  • Internal development 1162 mm.
  • Nominal development 1162 mm.
  • Belt type Narrow.
  • Manufacturer code SPZ 1162.
  • Brand name Pix.

The SPZ 1162 narrow section drive belt is robust, heat and oil resistant and reliable for all applications. It is antistatic and has a special fabric outer coating for extra durability. It withstands temperatures from -18°C to +80°C. The linear speed of the belt can reach up to 45 m/sec and the permissible deflection rate is f=80 per second. They allow space-saving transmissions, can be used with high-speed motors, make use of light-weight pulleys and transmission components, can work with high transmission ratios and small wheelbases.
In addition, SP belts resist the swelling action of oils, are conductive and have a stable length over time. By choosing this belt, you can be assured of high performance and long life.

The SPZ 1162 Pix belt consists of 4 layers: 

  • Cotton and polyester fabric rubberized with neoprene, wear-resistant and cut on the bias.
  • High-strength rope incorporating a rubber cushion compound.
  • Specially treated high-tenacity, low-elasticity polyester cords.
  • Specially compounded high-modulus compression rubber.

V-belts SPZ 1162 and generally Pix belts are widely used in the water, construction, power generation, steel, cement, ceramics, mills, ball mills, generators, blowers, pumps, compressors, wet grinders and general machine and tool industries. Fields of use and applications: industrial, automotive, agriculture, gardening, cold storage, household appliances, machines, tools and much more.
The SPZ 1162 V-belt is a product of the Pix brand, a leading German brand that designs and manufactures products with the utmost attention to detail and chooses high-quality materials to ensure durability and performance. Manufacturer} industrial belts are known for their quality, reliability and durability.
V-belt SPZ 1162 is available.  As a Pix dealer we have all types of belts available for immediate delivery or with short lead times, short delivery times or collection from our premises.
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SPZ 1162
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SPZ 1162
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