Worm screw reducer CHM40 i: 20 P63B14



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Worm screw reducer CHM40 i: 20 P63B14

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Slow shaft diameter (mm)18
Fast shaft diameter (mm)11
PAM motor connection63B14
Reduction ratio1/20
Motor PAM connection63B14
Weight (Kg)2.3

The worm gear reducers of the Chiaravalli Group S.p.A. they have a square shape and are characterized
for the remarkable mounting versatility. The processing of the components, performed with machines a
numerical control, guarantees the maximum precision of the restricted tolerances thus allowing
to obtain a reliable product over time. The groups are built with aluminum boxes from the
size 025 to 090 while sizes 110, 130 and 150 are in cast iron.
All the cases are painted RAL 9022 aluminum color to protect the parts
aging and to obtain better protection from the micro-blows that can
be present in aluminum.
The reducers are supplied with at least one filler plug which is also used during the testing phase
to verify possible losses.
A connection flange allows the combination of two reducers to obtain high ratios
of reduction.
Four sizes of CHPC pre-gears with gears are available to combine with the reducers,
these too are made of aluminum and subjected to a painting treatment such as the reducers
by screw.
All units are supplied complete with lubricant whose characteristics are described in
table below.