Simple 5/8 "10B-1 chain (5 m box)
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Chain of transmission simple Sati 3/4 x 1/2 inches

Simple transmission chain Sati 3/4'' x 1/2'''.

Chain pitch 19.05(mm), not reinforced, roller 11.91(mm).

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The simple transmission chain Sati 3/4'' x 1/2'', is a simple mechanical transmission organ, consisting of pins connected to each other by means of plates, with a pitch of 19.05(mm). Its function is to transmit the motion, produced in steel is very resistant and ensures maximum safety and durability in time despite it is not reinforced, the roller is 11.91 mm.

Characteristics of the simple transmission chain Sati 3/4'' x 1/2'' mm:

  • Pitch: 19.05(mm);
  • Type: Simple;
  • Not reinforced;
  • Weight: 1,47(Kg/mt);
  • Roller: 11.91(mm);
  • Internal width b1: 12.70(mm);
  • Pin: 5.94(mm)

The quality of the product is guaranteed by the brand Sati, a leading company in the production of transmission components, gearboxes and motors, which makes its warehouse and its customers its strong point. For years he has been distributing his articles at the international level, becoming more and more a reference point for those looking for a certainty in the results.

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Chain designation
Chain step
12a (3/4")
Roller (mm)
5,94 mm
pivot length
26,42 mm