Metal Angle Grinder Metabo W 1100 125
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Metal Angle Grinder Metabo W 1100 125

Metal Angle Grinder Metabo W 1100 125

Metabo 603614000

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The Metabo W 1100 - 125 Angle Grinder is a Robust, universal and economical grinder: powerful angle grinder (1100W of power) for any cutting, metalworking job. Sturdy powerful motor with high overload resistance, 2.5 meter long wire powered, 230 V single phase. Accepts 125mm diameter cutting and emery discs. Its torque is 3.2 Nm (newton per meter), M14 shaft thread


This Angle Grinder guarantees high performance at a professional level, but also at a domestic level for the most demanding hobbyist who decides to have high performance power tools.


Very useful in precision cuts of Metal, Stone or Concrete.


This Angle Grinder is also useful for removing sharp edges on already cut material, removing burrs or chips, sharpening blades and tips.


The Metabo 1100W-125 Angle Grinder is light, compact and thanks to its ergonomic handle it will guarantee stability and precision in its use.




       Vario-Constamatic full-wave electronics (VC) with roller: to process materials with adequate speeds, which remain almost constant even under load

       Anti-torsion protection casing

       Protection electronic against overloads, soft start and restart protection

       Self-releasing brushes for engine protection

       Wheel diameter for cutting 125 mm

       Couple max 3.2 Nm

       Electronic starter soft that prevents the starting click

       XXL 3 year warranty with product registration after purchase


The standard equipment includes the protective casing, the support flange, the additional handle and the two-hole wrench to unscrew the cutting disc.


The quality of the product is guaranteed by the METABO brand which is a historical German company, world leader in the metalworking, woodworking and cutting sector, electric percussion drills, demolition hammers. This brand is a guarantee for those looking for solutions conceived, designed and built to give the highest quality and durability over time. We also remind you that all Metabo products enjoy the XXL guarantee, after the purchase just register the purchase to get a 3-year guarantee throughout the territory


Data sheet
Ø grinding wheels
125 MM
Rated power consumption
1100 W
Power output
700 W
Max rpm empty
12000 /min
Revolutions at nominal load
7000 /min
Pair of forces
3.2 Nm
Tree thread
M 14
Weight without power cord
2.1 kg
Cable length
2.5 m
Sanding surfaces
7.5 m/s²
Sanding with abrasive sheet
2.2 m/s²
Sound pressure level
88 dB(A)
Sound power level (LwA)
99 dB(A)
Type of tool

Metabo W 1100 - 125

Scheda Tecnica Smerigliatrice Metabo W 1100 - 125

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