Delta Series E Three Phase 2.20 kW VFD022E43A Inverter
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Delta Series E Three Phase 2.20 kW VFD022E43A Inverter

Delta E Series three-phase inverter 2.2 kW VFD022E43A.

Delta inverter for asynchronous AC vector motors in open loop.

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Delta E Series three-phase 2.2 kW inverter VFD022E43A.

The Delta E Series three phase 2.2 kW VFD022E43A inverter is a drive for open loop vector AC asynchronous motors. The VFD-E series is an IP20 rated unit with constant torque and low power consumption.
Modular design with flexible expansion boards and a built-in PLC function, the Delta E-series three-phase 2.2 kW VFD022E43A inverter allows you to write and execute simple programs in Ladder Logic. This state-of-the-art series meets a wide range of application requirements.

  •     Three-phase 400V output
  •     Three-phase 400V input
  •     Built-in PLC function
  •     Power 2.2 kw
  •     Output frequency from 0.1 to 600 Hz
  •     Compact and modular design
  •     Built-in EMI filter
  •     RFI switch for network
  •     Easy DC BUS sharing
  •     Flexible expansion
  •     Comprehensive protection
  •     Optional Fieldbus Modules
  •     optional (DeviceNet, Profibus, LonWorks and CANopen)
  •     Keypad not included with unit, order separately (Code: KPE-LE02)

Delta's VFD-E Series includes several kW power sizes with single- and three-phase inputs. It covers a wide range of applications such as: small cranes, washing machines, grinders, drilling machines, woodworking machines, textile looms, air conditioners for large buildings, water supply system, food processing industry, conveyor belts, process lines, assembly lines.

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