Pizzato Micro Limit Switch safety spring with roller Pizzato - 1
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Pizzato Micro Limit Switch safety spring with roller

Pizzato italy limit switch model FZ 515

Output configuration: NO + NC
Kind of head: Ø12mm steel roller
Sealing class: IP67
Sensor type: limit switch
Maximum current per contact: 10A

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Pizzato italy limit switch with roller FZ 515

Pizzato italy limit switch FZ 515 with steel wheel. It lends itself to multiple uses, even general purpose. Small and compact.

Pizzato italy limit switch position switches are daily installed in all types of industrial machinery all over the world, for applications in the wood, metal, plastic, automotive, packaging, lifting, medical, naval, etc. sectors.

To ensure that they can be used in such a wide variety of sectors and countries, these position switches are designed to be manufactured in the most varied configurations thanks to the numerous basic body shapes, dozens of contact blocks and hundreds of actuators and variations in materials, forces and assemblies. Pizzato italy limit switch use of high quality materials, highly reliable technologies such as double bridge contact blocks and IP67 protection make this range of position switches one of the most technologically advanced.

Features Pizzato italy limit switch FZ 515 :

  • Steel roller : ø 12 mm
  • Output : NO + NC
  • Type of sensor : Micro limit switch

Pizzato italy limit switch PZ 515 has a spring plunger with a steel roller at the head for the mechanical execution of the limit switch.

FZ 515
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Operating min temp, Tmin (° C)
Temp max of operation, Tmax (° C)
Exit configuration
Maximum current per contact (A)
Commutative voltage
max 500V AC, max 250V DC
Sealing class
Number of mounting holes
Case dimensions (mm)
Load capacity DC @R
6A / 250VAC 6A / 24VDC
Case material
Micro Limit Switch
Weight (Kg)