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Inverter welding machine with electrode MMA Telwin Force 165 with Mask

Telwin Force 165 Inverter MMA electrode welder including Telwin Tribe automatic mask.

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Telwin Force 165 the best welding machine in its category for sale on the web, it comes with welding accessories and Telwin Tribe mask so you have everything you need to get started in a single item ready to pay

Telwin Force 165 is the MMA electrode inverter welding machine it is a direct current welding machine complete with accessories, perfect for all your jobs at home but which thanks to its constructive care is perfectly at home also at ease in the workshop and in professional processes, guaranteeing many hours of work without the danger of overheating so as to guarantee continuous work for the operator.

The Telwin Force 165 MMA electrode inverter welding machine is compact and easy to handle, equipped with a practical upper handle which makes it transportable also thanks to its low weight of 2.9 kg. The Telwin Force 165 MMA electrode Inverter Welder delivers a maximum current of 150 A which guarantees great performance simply by connecting it to the domestic meter at home.< /p>

Telwin Force 165 features:

  • thermostatic protection
  • overvoltage
  • undervoltage
  • overcurrent
  • motor generator (+/- 15%)

Telwin Force 165 is equipped with technological systems that improve welding and make it easy even for the less experienced operator, or for those who want to start trying their hand at the world of welding starting from their hobbies , is equipped with various systems such as the Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick system.

Hot Start device : facilitates arc striking by helping the operator when there are electrodes that are difficult to strike.

Arc Force device: improves the ignition of the arc and the weld bead, thus preventing the welding arc from going out when the electrode comes into contact with the piece to be welded.

Anti-Stick device : system that eliminates the problem of electrode sticking.

With the Telwin Force 165 you can use electrodes with a diameter between 1.6 and 4 millimeters and all ritile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. electrodes can be used.

The Telwin Froce 165 offers as standard: electrode holder clamp, mass clamp with 2 meter long cable, hammer and brush, Telwin Tribe automatic and self-darkening welding mask.

100% Made in Italy product among the best for your hobbies and do-it-yourself.

We also remind you that all welding machines come with a 24 month guarantee, they are all 100% Made in Italy and we are able to offer a service first-rate technical assistance, being able to boast a direct relationship with the parent company and also being able to offer on-site support in our mechanical workshop highly specialized. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the TELWIN brand which for over 50 years has been a historic Italian company, world leader in the production of welding machines, cutting systems, battery chargers and starters. This brand is a guarantee for those looking for solutions designed, engineered and manufactured to give maximum quality and durability.

Single-phase Network Voltage
230 V
Network Frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Current adjustment range
10 - 150 A
%USE (USO A 20°C)
60% @ 150A
country of manufacture
2 years
Type of welding
MMA electrode inverter
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