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Telwin Force 145 welding machine Electrode inverter Case

The Telwin Force 145 inverter MMA electrode welding machine is the best Telwin MMA Inverter welding machine, it is equipped with a power of 130 Ampere, easy and light to carry, weighs only 5.2 Kg. The Telwin Force 145 MMA welding machine is complete with accessories case, cable and clamp for the ground, cable and electrode holder.

Employment level: Hobby

Telwin Product code 815856.

€168.85 (tax incl.) €168.85 (tax excl.)
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The Telwin Force 145 MMA inverter electrode welding machine is a direct current (DC) welding machine, light, compact and easy to handle thanks to its low weight, resistant body and practical handle, you can take it everywhere with you thanks also to the practical case where you can store all its accessories. The Telwin Force 145 welding machine is a best seller of Telwin products, among the best sellers for hobby and < strong>Do it yourself, it is impossible not to have it in your home equipment.

The Telwin Force 145 MMA inverter welding machinecan perfectly weld metal sheets up to a maximum thickness of 0.8 mm and a maximum power of 130 Ampere, guaranteeing important performance despite its compactness. The Telwin Force 145 MMA inverter welding machine represents the best solution simple to use thanks also to its safety systems:

  • Thermostatic protection
  • Overvoltage
  • Undervoltage
  • Overcurrent

It also guarantees stability in the welding current in the event of variations in the supply voltage. It lends itself very well to being used with the 3 kW home electricity meter. It can use rutile, basic electrodes, stainless steel, cast iron electrodes and their diameter must be between 1.6 - 3.2 mm. Supplied with: electrode holder, mass clamp, 2m cable, plastic case

The machine is equipped with a Hot Start Device: It facilitates the ignition of the electric arc, providing an overcurrent, each time welding is restarted. Arc Force device: It facilitates the transfer of drops of molten material from the electrode to the material to be welded. It prevents the arc from going out when the contact between the electrode and the weld pool occurs through the drops themselves. And the Anti Stick Device: It automatically switches off the welding machine when the electrode sticks to the material to be welded, allowing you to easily detach the electrode from the piece without damaging it.

We also remind you that all welding machines are equipped with a 24 month guarantee, they are all 100% Made in Italy and we are able to offer a technical assistance service first-rate, being able to boast a direct relationship with the parent company and also being able to offer on-site support within our highly specialized mechanical workshop. The quality of the product is guaranteed by the TELWIN brand which for over 50 years has been a historic Italian company, world leader in the production of welding machines, cutting systems, battery chargers and starters. This brand is a guarantee for those looking for solutions conceived, designed and built to give maximumquality and durability.

Maximum Absorbed Current
27,5 A
Single-phase Network Voltage
230 V
Network Frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Open circuit voltage Max
72 V
Mains fuse
16 A
D. Electrodes Usable In Dc
1,6 - 3,2 MM
Degree Of Protection
Power Factor (Cosphi)
country of manufacture
2 years
Type of welding
MMA electrode inverter
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