Electric motor Single-phase 0.18 kW 0.25 HP 2800 rpm B5 MEC 63 230v
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Electric motor Single-phase 0.18 kW 0.25 HP 2800 rpm B5 MEC 63 230v

Electric motor 220v single-phase with capacitor for domestic and industrial use in single-phase power supply environments

  • Shaft axis diameter 11 mm
  • RPM Number of revolutions per minute 2800
  • Power 0.18 kW
  • Construction form B5
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Electric motor Single-phase 0.18 kW 0.25 HP asynchronous 230v.

Seipee JMM63B2B5.

The electric motor is composed of several nominal characteristics: Power expressed in horsepower or kilowatts (HP, KW), Voltage Current, Power Supply Current, Frequency, Energy Efficiency, Nominal Rotational Speed (number of poles equivalent to the number of revolutions per minute), construction form i.e. mounting (type of mechanical flange connection, presence of feet), shaft diameter, flange diameter, mec/pam height from shaft to plane.
The electric motor is used in various fields of application such as spare parts for workshop power tools, pillar drills, automation, industrial applications, conveyor belt handling. They are constructed with an aluminium casing for low power and a cast iron casing for high power. 

  • Design B5.
  • Size PAM/MEC 63.
  • Shaft diameter 11 mm.
  • Revolutions per minute 2800 / Poles 2.
  • Horsepower 0.25 HP / Power 0.18 kW.
  • Voltage Current 230v.
  • Rated frequency 50-60 hz.
  • Brand name Seipee.
  • Product code: JMM63B2B5.

The Single-phase Electric Motor from 0.18 kW with 0.25 HP asynchronous 230v with B5 construction with 2800 revolutions per minute and with 2 poles (and in general all Seipee electric motors) are tested and guaranteed by the parent company, come with a Seipee warranty on all mechanical parts (failure of electrical parts is not covered).

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Engine power
0.18 kW
Size PAM / MEC
Construction form
Voltage current
Degree Of Protection
Shaft diameter
11 mm
Power supply current
0.25 HP
Nominal Frequency
50-60 hz