Inverter welder Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic Euro Telwin - 1
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Inverter welder Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic Euro

Inverter welder Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic Euro

Telwin 816075

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Telwin Technomig 180 Inverter Dual Synergic welding machine

The Sergic Synergic Continuous Wire Multiprocess Inverter Welding Machine Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic is a MIG MAG welding machine useful for working all types of metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminum ) is ideal for brazing welding (galvanized sheet metal). It is suitable for various uses, it finds application from maintenance, to installation and up to interventions in the body shop. Its arc length can be adjusted manually to modify the shape of the bead according to the welder's preference; in case of variation of the electric voltage it guarantees a high stability of the welding current.

Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic compact and handy welding machine thanks to its low weight and small size and for this reason it can be easily transported thanks to its practical handle. It can be connected to the home network, although its current reaches 170 Ampere.

Features Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic :

  • thermostatic protection
  • overvoltage
  • undervoltage
  • overcurrent
  • motor generator (+/- 15%)
  • Euro connection for MIG-MAG torch
  • polarity change for GAS MIG-MAG BRAZING welding
  • synergic regulation with setting of material thickness only
  • 10 preset synergic curves

The advantages of Telwin Technomig 180 Dual Synergic

  • ONE TOUCH technology simplifies the use of the welding machine just set the thickness of the material and you can start welding
  • Predisposed for NO GAS / FLUX welding
  • Convertible into MIG-MAG with optional kit
  • Complete with Telwin MT15 torch
  • Continuous wire welding machine at the top of its category
  • Equipped with the following accessories: 1.8m 16MMQ cable, earth clamp, Telwin MT15 torch with EURO connection and 3m cable
  • 100% Made in Italy product among the best for your Hobbies and DIY and semi-professional use.

We also remind you that all welding machines come with a 24 month guarantee, they are all 100% Made in Italy and we are able to offer a technical assistance service first-rate, being able to boast a direct relationship with the parent company and also being able to offer on-site support within our highly specialized mechanical workshop.

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EAN Code
Maximum Absorbed Current
24 A
Manufacturer Code
Single-phase Network Voltage
230 V
Network Frequency
50 / 60 Hz
Current adjustment range
20 - 170 A
Max DC current (EN 60974-1)
140 @ 20% A
DC current
80 A
Open circuit voltage Max
60 V
Absorbed Current 60% - Max
12 A
Absorbed Power Max
3,8 kW
Power Absorbed 60%
1,6 kW
Mains fuse
16 A
Degree Of Protection
46 x 24 x 36 CM
Power Factor (Cosphi)
D. Steel Welding Wire
0,6 - 0,8 MM
D. Stainless steel welding wire
0,8 MM
D. Aluminum Welding Wire
0,8 - 1 MM
D. Animated Welding Wire
0,8 - 1,2 MM
D. Brazing wire
0,8 MM
12.1 kg
2 years