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Annovi Reverberi AR 4.0 Twin Flow cold water pressure washer

cold water pressure washer Annovi Reverberi AR 4.0 DTS Twin Flow

Annovi Reverberi 4.0ARBC

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The Annovi Reverberi 4.0 DTS Twin Flow pressure washer is a single-phase electric pressure washer with double motor and double pump with 3 axial pistons in tempered stainless steel. Its electric cable is 5 meters long.


The Annovi Reverberi AR 4.0 Twin Flow pressure washer is suitable for domestic use thanks to its small size that allows it to be stored in a corner of your Garage, Closet or in a Corner of the House. It is equipped with a hose reel integrated into the body, with an 8-meter long high pressure hose, which winds up using the practical integrated handle, allowing it not to occupy superfluous space, furthermore its vertical development makes it very compact.

It can be easily used for cleaning the garden, patio, terrace, bicycle, car, boat, garden furniture.


This pressure washer can be easily transported thanks to its 17 cm diameter wheels and comfortable handle, as well as thanks to the low weight of 14 kg


HIGH CAPACITY: 810 l / h is one of the highest values ​​on the market in its category. We like to remind our customers that the flow rate is the most important data of a pressure washer, because it identifies quickly and precisely, much more than pressure, the true real potential of the pressure washer.


EXCELLENT WORKING PRESSURE: 150 effective bar and is among the highest in its category.


ENGINE: double motor and double pump with 3 axial pistons electric single-phase (220 V) of 2,5 kw.


The Annovi Reverberi 4.0 Twin Flow pressure washer uses the DTS Dualtech Technology System technology equipped with a double single-phase electric motor and a double pump that can be activated individually or simultaneously, doubling the power and capacity of the machine.

In the models in which this technology is present, you can choose between:

       Regular Cleaning: which uses only one motor and allows you to use the normal cleaning mode

       Heavy - Duty Cleaning: that is the mode that allows you to activate maximum performance. With this option it will increase both the flow rate and the distance reached by the jet, allowing to eliminate the most stubborn dirt on large surfaces.


Uses the TWIN NOZZLE splitter that allows you to use two nozzles at the same time to clean larger surfaces and save up to 70% of time



       3 axial piston pump in tempered stainless steel

       double motor and double pump with 3 axial pistons in tempered stainless steel

       Thermal protection

       TSS System: Total Stop System which allows the machine to switch off automatically when you stop working, thus allowing you to avoid overheating, extend the life of the pump and reduce consumption.

       Electrical cable 5 meter power supply

       Bypass valve automatic

       Remote shutdown system of the pressure washer



The most important value to take into consideration when buying and investing your money on a pressure washer is mainly the water flow rate, expressed in liters per hour of continuous operation. Unlike cheap products, where very often the declared pressure values ​​are very high, you will not find correspondence with an adequate water flow rate, which we remember that it must be at least equal to 350 liters per hour, so as to make the pressure washer effective. in all its uses.

The patented DTS system provides two power units inside the pressure washer, this allows an enhancement of the cleaning performance both internally in terms of intensity and extension of the jet thanks to the synergistic action of the two power units, the flow rate will reach up to 810 liters / hour.

Double the flow rate compared to that of a simple pressure washer of the same level.

I recommend this pressure washer to easily clean all surfaces extended in height. Through the high pressure jet combined with the use of maximum power you can reach up to 5 meters of distance, an operation that is difficult to do with a domestic pressure washer.

Performance and high levels of customization of use.


Included with the Annovi Reverberi 4.0 DTS Twin Flow Pressure Washer:

       Nozzle splitter that allows to reduce cleaning times (Twin Nozzle)

       Integrated hose reel with handle

       8 meter high pressure hose

       High pressure gun with lance equipped with click-fast for quick coupling of the high pressure hose

       Foaming detergent foam lance kit

       5 m electric cable



The Annovi Reverberi brand is the leading Italian brand in the sector that designs and manufactures products with the utmost attention to detail and chooses high quality materials to ensure durability and prowess of use.

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