Pressure Washers Annovi Reverberi

Annovi Reverberi high-pressure cleaners

Attention to detail, quality materials, versatility and ease of use: these are the main features with which Annovi Reverberi designs and manufactures AR Blue Clean high pressure washers. Whether it is the Home and Garden line, designed for domestic use, or the professional line, designed for a professional context, with AR Blue Clean you will always find solid, reliable and high performance tools. Nothing is left to chance: Annovi Reverberi guarantees high-pressure cleaners with attention to the smallest details, in order to offer machines that are always in line with consumer needs. Our main objective, in fact, is to provide the right solution for every need, through maximum product customisation.

Adapters for AR Blue Clean Accessories with Karcher Lavor Pressure Washers
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Kit consisting of three adapters to connect AR Blue Clean accessories to high pressure washers:

Lavor Wash

The adapter must be connected on one side to the gun of other brands and on the other to the lance or other AR Blue Clean accessory.
Accessory compatible with all cold water high pressure cleaners of the range AR Blue Clean and Series Annovi Reverberi.
For models from 1300 Watt to 2100 Watt.
Annovi Reveberi Power Brush for high pressure cleaners
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Scrubbing brush for Annovi Reverberi AR Blue Clean high-pressure cleaners:

Pressure washer Ar Blue Clean 1 Series (AR 117, AR 142, AR 143)
Pressure washer Ar Blue Clean 3 Series (AR 386, AR 396, AR 399)
Pressure washer Ar Blue Clean 4 Series (AR 473, AR 475, AR 491)
Pressure washer Ar Blue Clean 5 Series (AR 589, AR 590, AR 591)