Cold water pressure washer Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean Annovi Reverberi - 1
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Cold water pressure washer Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean

Cold water pressure washer Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean

Annovi Reverberi AR375

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The Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean pressure washer is a single-phase electric cold water pressure washer, equipped with comfortable plastic wheels, integrated into the body, with a handle so as to facilitate its transport in all environments. The power supply wire is 5 meters long.


The Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean pressure washer is suitable for domestic use thanks to its small size, it is perfect to be stored in your garage, closet or in a corner of the house. It is excellent for cleaning the garden, cars, patios, tools, terraces, bicycles, cars, motorcycles, boats, garden furniture, pool cleaning.


HIGH CAPACITY: 440 l / h (MAX 7.3 l / min) is one of the highest values ​​on the market in its category. The flow rate of the pressure washer is very important, as it quickly and precisely determines, much more than the pressure jet, the real potential of the pressure washer.


EXCELLENT WORKING PRESSURE: 140 effective bar and is among the best performing in its category.


ENGINE: single-phase electric (220 V) of 1.8 kw.


Features of Annovi Reverberi AR 375 Blue Clean pressure washer:


       2-wheel trolley with handle

       Pump with 3 axial pistons controlled by an oscillating plate and aluminum head

       Pistons in tempered stainless steel

       Automatic safety valve with zero pressure in the pump head

       Remote stop system of the pressure washer

       Motor thermal protection

       Built-in detergent suction

       Detergent tank capacity 1 liter

       Electric cable length 5m

       Water filter inspectable entrance

       Instruction booklet



The most important value to take into consideration when buying and investing your money on a pressure washer is mainly the water flow rate, expressed in liters per hour of continuous operation. Unlike cheap products, where very often the declared pressure values ​​are very high, you will not find correspondence with an adequate water flow rate, which we remember that it must be at least equal to 350 liters per hour, so as to make the pressure washer effective. in all its uses. The product warranty is 24 months and we can offer assistance quickly, accurately and effectively, you will not have to worry about assistance and accessories also to be purchased separately.



Supplied with the Pressure Washer:

       Head with rotating jet

       Head with adjustable jet

       Mini patio

       High pressure gun

       6 meter high pressure hose

       5 meter electric cable

       Lance extension


INTEGRATED DETERGENT TANK OPERATION: For the integrated tank to work, the lance must be disconnected from the high pressure gun from the pressure washer, this will allow the detergent to be sucked directly from the tank after being filled, allowing the product to emulsify. We recommend the use of our original detergents and specifically formulated for operation with pressure washers, you can find them among the recommended products at the bottom of the page.



The Annovi Reverberi brand is the leading Italian brand in the sector that designs and manufactures products with the utmost attention to detail and chooses high quality materials to ensure durability and prowess of use.

By choosing this pressure washer you will have assistance centers in Italy and availability of spare parts and accessories at your disposal, and you will also guarantee a high performance and long lasting product.

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