PLC Advanced CPU Relay Outputs Delta DVP12SA211R
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Delta Plc Advanced Cpu DVP-S 8 In 4 Out NPN DVP12SA211T

Delta Plc Advanced Cpu DVP-S 8 In 4 Out NPN DVP12SA211T

Delta S-series PLC, fast, easy to program, large instruction library
Advanced processor, more performance in terms of speed and programming capacity.
Perfect for the most demanding automation applications.

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Delta PLC Advanced DVP-S CPU 8 In 4 Out NPN DVP12SA211T

The DVP-S series of Delta PLCs offer a wide variety of hardware configurations, communication, power and computing capabilities to meet the most diverse needs in industrial automation.
Whether your automation project is large or small, the DVP-S Series PLCs are the right choice at the right price.

  •     DVP12SA211T
  •     DVP-S-Series Advanced CPU
  •     Input: 8 Sink/Source 24VDC
  •     Output: 4 NPN transistors
  •     COM: 3 RS232/RS485 ports

The Delta DVP-SA2 series is the second generation of slimline industrial PLCs from Delta Electronics. The Delta DVP-12SA211T features high-speed counters, a flexible serial port, real-time monitoring and an expansion bus that allows the corresponding modules to be mounted on the right side of the PLC without external wiring.
The DVP-12SA211T CPU supports PID loops with automatic tuning for process control applications.
The NPN transistor outputs of this model are suitable for stepper motor control.

Programming is easy and intuitive using the free ISPSoft software.
An extensive library of basic and special functions and the possibility of creating customised function blocks make Delta PLCs among the most competitive and high-performance on the market.

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