IP Mellana Oil 320 (20 Lt) IP - 1
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IP Mellana Oil 320 (20 Lt)

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IP Mellana Oil are high viscosity index oils refined with the solvent, incorporating special E.P. They possess superior requirements for thermal stability, oxidation and demulsibility resistance and excellent anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. APPLICATIONS IP Mellana Oil are suitable for the lubrication of all the gears in crankcases with straight and helical teeth, worm gear / helical and hypoid wheels, lubricated in oil bath casings and circulation, especially when the operating conditions are particularly severe in relation to high loads and / or to shocks, strong sliding, high speeds and considerable temperatures. They are also suitable for the combined lubrication of systems which, in addition to gears, include flat and rolling bearings as well as sliding couplings. SPECIFICATIONS - ISO L-CKD; ISO 12925-1; DIN 51517 t.3 CLP; U.S. Steel 224; ANSI / AGMA 9005-94 (AGMA NR2EP grad. 68, 3EP grad. 100, 4EP grad. 150, 5EP grad. 220, 6EP grad. 320, 7EP grad. 460, 8EP grad. 680); ASLE EP; DAVID BROWN 51.53.101 (5E)

Oil Gradation
Mass Volume at 15°C Kg/Lt
Viscosity at 100°C (mm²/s)