IP Mellana Oil 320 (20 Lt)
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IP Flusor BME emulsified water for machine tool coolant fluid

IP Flusor BME emulsified water for machine tools

  • Lubricant-coolant fluid
  • 20 liter metal can
  • For CNC machine tools
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Bio-stable emulsifiable lubricant-coolant fluid, Chlorine Free, for chip removal operations on single machines, centralized systems and numerical control machines. It is a metal cutting fluid, of universal use, for a wide range of medium-heavy operations with cutting tools or abrasive wheels, on ferrous materials and yellow alloys.

IP FLUSOR BME is recommended for all normal chip removal, turning, milling, drilling, boring, cutting with a band or circular saw and grinding on steel, cast iron and yellow alloys (copper, brass, bronze)


Emulsifiable fluid, made up of severely refined mineral oil and a particular package of additives with anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties and agents with an emulsifying action. The properties of the emulsion obtained, with a milky appearance, are:

  • Absence of boron compounds, formaldehyde donor bactericides, isoathizolinones, secondary amines and nitrites.
  • Excellent skin compatibility qualities, which allow you to avoid the onset of irritation and dermatitis.
  • Strong bio-stability: the excellent resistance to bacterial and fungal proliferation allows its use for extended periods, increasing the useful life of the charges in operation
  • Wide field of use for processes and materials
  • Excellent anti-rust protection
  • Excellent lubricating performance given by a high oil phase content


IP FLUSOR BME is a universal product, but is particularly suitable for medium/heavy chip removal operations on ferrous materials and light alloys. Possibly extendable to yellow alloys. Recommended concentrations Cut 5 - 9% Recommended water hardness 10 - 45 °f Safety Handle the product according to normal workplace safety and industrial hygiene precautions. It is recommended to wash immediately with soap and water after contact with skin.

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