Valex brushcutters

All Valex brushcutters for your garden, lawn care and maintenance at home. With Valex brushcutters you will have at your disposal the best tools for lawn care and maintenance. Valex brushcutters are available in different configurations:

  • Brushcutter with 33 cc petrol engine.
  • Brushcutter with 43 cc petrol engine.
  • 52 cc petrol engine brushcutter.
  • 1000 Watt electric brushcutter

The range of Valex brushcutters is completed by all the useful accessories for the best care, maintenance and cutting of the lawn.

Buy Valex brush cutters directly from Samma Parts and without intermediaries, you will buy the best product at the best price with all the before and after sales assistance, including all spare parts.

Brushcutter Valex Texas 43 catalyzed
Valex brush cutters, wide range, unbeatable prices. The Valex Texas 43 brushcutter is a catalytic petrol brushcutter ideal for your garden.