Beta Easy cassette

The technical items of the Beta Easy line were created to offer the operator, both professional and hobbyist, a selection of drawers, trolleys, suitcases and baskets with essential and effective assortments, designed to meet all the needs of experts in each sector:

  • self-repair
  • industry
  • general maintenance

The range also includes boxes with assortments of sockets, ratchets, wrenches

Box Beta Easy 903e/c98 Hex Socket Wrenches Ratchet Wrench
In Stock
Cassette Beta Easy 903e / c98 complete set of 1/2 "and 1/4" hexagonal sockets complete with Beta ratchet wrench.
The set consists of 98 pieces in total and finds excellent use for the hobbyist and small repairs in the garage or small workshops. All without sacrificing the practicality and quality guaranteed by the Beta Utensili brand.