Transmission belts

Transmission belts, V-Belt type, trapezoidal, are industrial rubber belts and for generic applications on tools, such as the drill press. These high-quality belts allow the transmission of power through the installation on a pulley of suitable section, the section of a belt is identified in particular by the section of the shape of the trapezoid, specifically for the classic smooth belts we find:

  • V-Belt V-Belt section A :13 x 8 mm
  • Belt V-Belt Section B V-Belt: 17 x 11 millimeters
  • Belt V-Belt Section C V-Belt: 22 x 14 millimeters
  • Belt V-Belt V-Belt section D: 32 x 19 millimeters
  • Belt Trapezoidal V-Belt of section Z: 10 x 6 millimeters

The types of V-belts are also divided according to the presence of a tooth or indentation in the lower part. This allows for better cooling of the belt during motion, as the teeth decrease the friction area and therefore allow for less overheating with consequent longer life of the belt

Subsequently, the trapezoidal transmission belts are also available in a narrow section and of the classic type, therefore smooth.

V-belts are also available in narrow and toothed versions.