starters and chargers

Telwin starters and chargers, complete range of best quality products. All Telwin starters and chargers are suitable for use with any type of battery. Even batteries with lithium-ion (Li-Po) technology. Telwin's Drive family of starters are very useful, portable and battery integrated products. Useful to keep in your car, boat, camper, motorbike, truck. They are particularly suitable for starting the vehicle engine when the battery is flat. The purchase cost is low and with the best prices available on the market you will have a high quality product. All Telwin starters and battery chargers come with a 24-month warranty.

Multimeter analog tester car and motorcycle batteries 12V Telwin T 200
Analog multimeter tester for car and motorcycle batteries 6 12 V Telwin T 200
It is practical and effective because it can be used without disconnecting the battery from the car.
Useful for testing all types of batteries
Employment level: Semi-professional