Viton Oil seals

Viton Rubber Oil Seals FKM

Viton (FKM) oil seals, also known as Teflon o-rings, are sealing elements (normally burgundy in colour) that are suitable for the heaviest of uses and those who require the highest levels of product quality and durability, as well as the technical requirements of the specific application.
They are chosen as seals as an alternative to the classic NBR nitrile rubber seals because they guarantee superior performance.
They are also highly resistant to acids and substances that are highly deteriorating for normal NBR nitrile rubber.

Viton or Teflon oil seals have no difference, they indicate the same material, fluorinated rubber (FKM), a tough fluoroelastomer. 

Certainly because of its technical characteristics, Viton is a rubber formed from a high quality fluorinated elastomer, ideal for applications where higher specifications or intensive work is required, it is advisable to use a Viton (FKM) oil seal.

If your old NBR oil seal was not able to withstand this, we recommend that you choose quality FKM Viton rubber.
It is not afraid of contact with corrosive substances that could lead to the rapid deterioration of nitrite and silicones, which is why it is well suited to use as an alternative to normal rubber oil seals.
"Viton oil seals are also called "Simmering Corteco sealing rings".

Viton oil seals datasheet

  • Resistance from -30°C to +180°C.
  • Resistance to acids.
  • Reduced friction.
  • Improved performance over time and maximum seal.
  • Double seal for maximum performance.
  • Double lip to protect against dust and fluids.
  • Was protective.
  • Perfect for high peripheral speeds
  • They have a metal core inside the rubber for greater rigidity.
  • This is a very high quality product with long-lasting performance.
  • They are not afraid of contact with substances that could lead to rapid alteration of the nitrites and silicones of normal oil seals.
  • They have an excellent quality/price ratio.
  • Shipping to Italy in 24/72 hours with fast and traceable express courier.

Oil seals for crankshafts for any type of vehicle is the most common use.

Viton oil seals are excellent for rotation and axial slippage. The main applications are listed below: gear oil seal, motorbike fork oil seal, axle shaft oil seal, water pump oil seal, spark plug oil seal.