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Modular Corrugated White Nylon Prickly Pear Brush
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Modular Corrugated White Nylon Prickly Pear Fruit Brush.
Modular corrugated brush in white nylon, ideal for brushing prickly pears. Equipped with particularly soft and delicate bristles in order not to damage the skin of the fruit.

Ideal for prickly pears and summer fruits such as peaches.
Corrugated nylon brush
Width 250 mm, modular

Clamping ring for brush retainer diameter 50 mm with set screw
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PVC brush stop ring.
Inner diameter : 50 millimetres
Outer diameter : 70 millimetres
Thickness: 15 millimetres
Lends itself to the clamping of module brushes suitable for the fruit and vegetable, textile, industrial sectors.
Round stainless steel tube diameter 50 mm tubular AISI 304
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AISI 304 stainless steel tube, thickness 1.2 mm.

Suitable for multiple uses, made of stainless steel, it guarantees very high resistance to corrosion even in nautical environments, outdoor environments, resistant to all types of weather.