Reducers for electric motors

Speed ​​reducer for electric motors

Wide range of gearboxes for electric worm motor, offered directly by Samma Parts. Bevel gearboxes CHM - VF Series - Bevel gearboxes with worm screw. The CHM and VF worm gear reducer has a square shape and is characterized by its remarkable mounting versatility and sturdiness being available in various reduction ratios. The speed reducer is built with an aluminum casing from size 025 to 090 while the larger sizes 110, 130 and 150 are built in cast iron. All the casings of the speed reducer are painted aluminum color RAL 9022 to protect the parts of aging and to obtain better protection and aesthetic performance, in addition to the micro-blowholes often present in aluminum. The gearbox for electric motor has an oil filler cap which is also used in the testing phase to check for any oil leaks and guarantee its duration. The motor connection flange allows the speed reducer to be easily coupled according to PAM standards, making it universal and perfectly interchangeable.