List of products by brand Newtec

Newtec accident prevention is the best-known brand in Italy and among the top places in Europe for value for money.

Newtec accident prevention conducts a series of careful checks for its products to offer a vast range ofPPE that comply with current regulations in terms of safety > for the protection of the limbs, protection of the respiratory tract, protection from chemical substances, protection from acids, protection from heat and cold.

Newtec accident prevention does not only take care of safety at work, but also the protection of the environment in which we live as the products are built with the least environmental impact possible.

Among the Newtec accident prevention products you can find: work clothing such as safety shoes, work aprons, work vests and jackets, protective gloves, first aid kit, respiratory protection, hearing protection, visual protection, helmets, fall arrest belts.

Newtec Geco 2 adjustable safety positioning lanyard
Fall arrest and positioning safety lanyards, wide range, unbeatable prices. The Newtec Geco 2 adjustable safety lanyard is a safety device (PPE) with an integrated energy dissipating and positioning function.
Newtec fall arrest positioning belt safety harness
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Safety harness belt for positioning Newtec fall arrest operator Basic1 model
This harness, simple and functional, allows to maintain a high level of safety at work in all those cases in which the operator carries out suspended work and maintenance.