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Roloil is an Italian brand since 1933 that develops and markets lubricating oils in Italy and abroad. Thanks to the best experience and expertise accumulated over years of research and development.

On the strength of an important Italian history and the experience accumulated over the years, Roloil accompanies the customer safely along the way. Thanks to the expertise developed over almost a century by highly specialised chemists, Roloil is able to develop the most efficient solution for any specific requirement. Roloil now, as then, applies craftsmanship to its products: attention to detail, meeting the customer's needs, designing the solution together, manufacturing unique elements of high quality.

The Roloil brand is synonymous with products such as oils, lubricants and greases for the Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial sectors. The historic Italian company also produces and distributes greases.

Blue Roloil Antifreeze Rolice 20 Liters
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ROL-ICE BLU is a very powerful pure blue antifreeze for radiators, formulated to provide exceptional protection against frost and corrosion, guaranteeing the correct functioning of vehicles and heating systems civil and industrial circuits. 20 liter drum with handle.